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Acta : — Ito, T. A novel quantitative receptor autoradiography and in situ hybridization histochemistry technique using storage phosphor screen imaging.


Methods 59 : — Nguyen, Q. Imaging and quantitation of chemiluminescence using photoexcitable storage phosphor screen. Graham, C. Gene probe assays on a fibre-optic evanescent wave biosensor. Strachan, N. A rapid general method for the identification of PCR products using a fibre-optic biosensor and its application to the detection of Listeria. Warts, H.

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Real-time detection and quantification of DNA hybridization by an optical biosensor. Fodor, S. Multiplexed biochemical assays with biological chips. Nature : — Millan, K. Voltammetric DNA biosensor for cystic fibrosis based on a modified carbon paste electrode. Pandey, P. Application of photochemical reaction in electrochemical detection of DNA intercalation.

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A fiber-optic DNA biosensor microarray for the analysis of gene expression

Combined imaging and chemical sensing using a single optical imaging fiber. Van Ness, J. A versatile solid support system for oligodeoxy-nucleotide probe-based hybridization assays. Munkholm, C. Polymer modification of fiber optic chemical sensors as a method of enhancing fluorescence signal for pH measurement. Walt, D. The chemistry of enzyme and protein immobilization with gluteraldehyde. Trends Anal. Kulp, T. Polymer immobilized enzyme optrodes for the detection of penicillin.

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Menger, F. Phosphatase catalysis developed via combinatorial organic chemistry. Suh, J. Macrocyclic metal complexes built on polyethylenimine. Egger, D. Reverse transcription multiplex PCR for differentiation between polio and enteroviruses from clinical and environmental samples. As this article will attempt to highlight, this basic justification is far from uncontroversial. This short article will seek to be clear as to what the UK's legal position exactly was, whether and how this position can be reconciled with the lex lata governing the use of force for humanitarian purposes and its immediate impact upon it, and finally offer some reflections upon the contribution the opinion and its central legal argument has made to future legal argumentation in this area.

The full opinion is appended at the end of this article. Humanitarian intervention can be described as the use or threat of force by one or more States or an international organization to protect individuals in the target State from grave suffering or deprivation of fundamental human rights.

Norm entrepreneurs attempt to convince a critical mass of States norm leaders to embrace new norms. See also section IV. See UK Legal Opinion n 1 para 5. The UK has proffered more detailed conditions previously, albeit in the abstract. See section IV. Given that virtually every State is subject to the prohibition in Article 2 4 , any agreement to amend its scope would arguably also have a knock-on effect for the customary contours or existence of the norm, in the absence, that is, of any statement limiting the applicability of the modifying agreement.

See Nicaragua case n 35 para emphasis added. There is no express exception to Article 2 4 of humanitarian intervention contained within the Charter, which might seem surprising given that the UN Charter was drafted during the horrors of the Holocaust. The VCLT is a treaty that has been ratified by States with others recognizing it, or elements of it, as a restatement of customary international law. It was not accepted by many States following Israel's reliance upon it to justify its incursion into Ugandan territory in to rescue Israeli nationals that had been taken hostage on an aircraft by a group of Palestinians.

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