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Oakleys of Trigg and Marshall County, Kentucky. Trigg County, Kentucky School Census , softbound book. Allen, Blythe, Brennan, Faughn,Freeman,. Holland, Hyde, Gray, Mitchell, Oliver,. Savells, Stewart, Turner, Wallis, Wood.

Police Identify 3 Victims, Suspect In Trigg County Deadly Shootings

The Ramey Collection. Generously donated by Ken Ramsay. Vicki Stewart Lyon County Coordinator.

A visit from the Cameron Family. Our School Song "Alma Mater". Eighth Grade Class - Junior Class of School Photos. Saline Creek Can you Identify Mystery School? Dan Thomas.

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Trigg County Assistant County Coordinator. The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Kentucky, where collected databases would be stored. In addition, the databases would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even if an individual were found in more than one county, they could be located in the index.

This project became known as KyGenWeb. Old Page Link- Researching the Past, In the Present, for the Future. Goodwin Funeral Home. KYGenWeb Project.

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Both left a legacy in Genealogy that will be truly missed for generations to come. Copyright - All Rights Reserved. Trigg was a son of William Trigg — and Mary Johns Trigg — , whose family was prominent on the Virginia frontier. His father served as a judge of the Court of Chancery , an equity court, and the Bedford County Court. Two of the brothers, John and Abram , would later represent Virginia in the U. Trigg lived the early part of his life in southwest Virginia and ran a tavern in Botetourt County.

Trigg and his wife had three sons and two daughters. The western county of Augusta in Virginia could no longer serve the needs of the pioneers along the New River , and the county of Botetourt was created in From to , he served as magistrate, Justice of the County Court in Chancery and a Justice of Oyer and Terminer , which was a criminal court.

As the population increased, the southwestern half of Botetourt County was separated in and became Fincastle County.

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Short of money, they sold themselves to the ship owners for passage to America for a term of servitude that gained them land and tools upon completion. In October, Trigg advertised the sale of 30 white indentured servants at his home with a discount for "ready money". Settlers again agitated for another split, and so Fincastle County was split into three counties and became defunct in ; the new counties were Montgomery , Washington and Kentucky.

The new Virginia counties were growing rapidly, and with this growth came trouble.

Trigg was appointed as one of the judges to the Virginia Land Court commission of —80 charged with settling land disputes in Kentucky County, Virginia. The Virginia Land Act of had set up this court of four judges in order to examine the numerous land claims and to certify valid titles.

Asaph in October and triggered emigration to Kentucky as people wished to either certify their claims or seek unclaimed land. However, in March they were told that they had to reopen the court and stay through April, as claimants were delayed due to weather. Trigg and two fellow judges reconvened on April 16 and heard another cases. When Kentucky County, Virginia, was split into three counties in , Trigg was made lieutenant colonel for the new county militia of Lincoln.

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Despite the growth of settlement in Kentucky, white colonists there were far from secure. Historian Virginia Webb Howard wrote of this era:. This was the darkest and most critical period in the history of the early Kentucky settlements. It must be remembered that the settlement of Kentucky was much different from the settlement of most of the other places where the new colony joined the older settlements. Kentucky, instead of adjoining already settled districts, was like an island in the wilderness. There were more than two hundred miles of forest between the settlements of Kentucky and the settlements of the older states.

Trigg continued his service in the militia throughout this period.

Trigg County, Kentucky Genealogy

In , he was made colonel of the Lincoln County militia. Meanwhile, events had moved from local agitations against the British crown to outright war. Early on, Trigg served in local militias, but he also represented Fincastle in the Virginia Conventions. These were five political meetings that started after Lord Dunmore , the governor of Virginia, had dissolved the House of Burgesses after its delegates expressed solidarity with Boston , Massachusetts , where the harbor had been closed by the British. Trigg was at the first convention in and was elected a delegate to the second convention in , though he did not attend.

He was elected to the third convention July—August , and did appear. His other revolutionary activity at the time was as a member of the Fincastle County Committee of Safety , an outgrowth of the Virginia Committee of Correspondence. The Virginia Committee of Correspondence was formed on March 12, , and requested each county to do the same. The British refused to address the issues that were of greatest concern to the colonists, and so the freeholders of Fincastle County met at the Lead Mines on January 20, , forming a Committee of Safety in which Trigg was a member.

They were one of the first to respond to the request of the Virginia Committee of Correspondence to form such a body.

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In , Cherokees entered the war with the aim of driving colonists from their lands, which meant the people living in southwestern Virginia were facing British-armed Cherokees. The members of the Committee of Safety met at Fort Chiswell on June 11, , and drafted a letter to Oconostota and Attacullaculla , chiefs of the Cherokee nation, to meet with them and come to terms for a peace agreement.