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This article provides an overview of the California real estate transfer tax system and then identifies some of the jurisdictions that have expanded the scope of the tax. Notably, San Diego County has joined the Counties of San Francisco and Los Angeles in adopting a very broad reading of the documentary transfer tax statutes. We expect that this trend will only spread as cash-strapped jurisdictions look for new sources of income.

Note that upon an IRC Section termination, percent of the net value of the partnership property is subject to transfer tax, even if less than percent of the partnership is transferred. There are a number of transfers to which the documentary transfer tax does not apply, including recordation of an instrument to secure a debt, conveyances in a bankruptcy reorganization, foreclosures to the extent the consideration does not exceed the unpaid debt , transfers pursuant to a marital dissolution and gifts and bequests.

The Act does not contain a provision which applies the tax to transfers of stock in corporations which hold real property.

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Further, while not free from doubt, the traditional view of many practitioners in California has been that the transfer of all of the membership interests in a single-member limited liability company is not subject to the documentary transfer tax. As discussed below, certain counties and cities are now challenging this view. With that background, we can now examine some jurisdictions which have a documentary transfer tax system that expands on the tax imposed under the Act.

Jurisdictions with increased or more expansive documentary transfer tax systems.

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These are some of the California jurisdictions that have imposed transfer tax in addition to the tax imposed under the Act. San Francisco. Thus, if a legal entity which owns real estate in San Francisco undergoes a change in ownership for property tax purposes, a transfer tax will be due as well. This means, for example, that the acquisition of more than half of the interests in a single-member limited liability company or a corporation is subject to the documentary transfer tax in San Francisco.

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County of Los Angeles. The collection is made pursuant to Chapter 4. In addition, effective January 1, , RTC section was amended to allow recorders to obtain information pertaining to these transfers from the Assessor. Santa Clara County. Santa Clara County has a transfer tax ordinance similar to the San Francisco change-in-control ordinance. Anecdotal evidence, however, indicates that enforcement of this ordinance may be lax.

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Other jurisdictions. However, recent conversations with the County suggest that it has now adopted a very broad reading of the documentary transfer tax statutes.

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This reassessment will apply to that current fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June If the County Assessor reassesses your home at a lower value, this will lower the portion of your tax bill that is calculated by your tax rate. The fixed charge assessments will not change. The Assessor grants temporary reductions in value when market values increase. Read my Property Tax Postponement Program article to check your eligibility. Your bill will show the annual property tax amount due.


The second installment , which covers January 1 through June 30, is due on February 1, and late after April When you buy or sell real estate, you may either receive a credit for prepaid property tax, or you may need to pay a credit for unpaid property tax. It usually depends on the date of the purchase or sale. If you are over 55 or disabled , you may qualify for a reappraisal exclusion for your the next home you buy. For more information, read my article about avoiding property tax reassessment.

When you buy real estate, the escrow officer will calculate any tax credit or liability. For example, the first installment of property tax, for July through December, can be paid as late as December If escrow closes on September 15, the seller will credit you for unpaid taxes, pro-rated from July 1 through September The property tax bill you pay by December 10 will cover all of July through December. On the other hand, if you buy a house on May 15, you will owe the sellers for property tax, because they have already paid the second installment that covers January through June, which is due by April You will credit the sellers for what they have already paid, pro-rated from May 15 through June If you are buying a house, and the expected close of escrow date is just before a tax due date, the escrow officer may have you pay for the next installment right out of escrow funds.

If you have any questions about this, ask your escrow officer. As a result, you may receive Supplemental Tax Bills for two fiscal years! Even if you contribute to an impound account that pays your tax bills for you, the Supplemental Tax Bill may not go to your mortgage company. Do not expect your lender to pay the Supplemental Tax Bill.

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For more information about buyer closing costs, you can also read about the costs to buy a house. When you sell real estate, the escrow officer will pay off any outstanding property tax bills, and calculate any credits or debits to the buyer. The buyers of your house will need to pay this bill by April 10, so you will need to credit them for any unpaid taxes, pro rated from January 1 through February On the other hand, if you sell your house on May 15, and you have already paid the second installment that covers January through June, then your buyer will credit you, pro rated from May 15 through June You can look up the property tax bill for any property in San Diego County.

This resource provides Secured Tax Parcel information , such as assessed valuation, tax rates, and a breakdown of all special assessments, including Mello-Roos, or Community Facilities District CFD fees. The fastest, most secure way to pay your San Diego County property tax bill is online. Go to sdttc. There is no charge if you pay with your checking account information.

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You can also meet with someone in person to discuss your property taxes. Visit one of the five San Diego Tax Collector offices:. Be an informed consumer. Read and understand your property tax bill. And, remember to apply to the Assessment Appeals Board if you believe your assessed value is too high.

It helps you calculate your current tax liability, and also estimates your tax liability for future years. Contact me if you have any questions about property taxes or other real estate expenses. When a home is bought or sold, why are the fees for services like realtors service fees included in the value and therefore part of the value.

Hello Wayne, the general consensus is that property taxes are usually deductible from income taxes, but I defer to your tax professional for the final answer. Send your property tax bill to your tax professional, who can advise you regarding tax deductibility.