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Select by topic A-Z below to find a public record, or choose from one of our popular searches to get the record for that area of interest:. Public Records. Chapter , Florida Statutes, commonly known as Florida's "Public Records Law," provides information on public records in Florida, including policies, definitions, exemptions, general information on records access, inspection, examination and duplication of records.

Florida's Government-in-the-Sunshine Law : To assist the public and governmental agencies in understanding the requirements and exemptions to Florida's open government laws, the Attorney General's Office compiles a comprehensive guide known as the Government-in-the-Sunshine manual. Thank you Creek County, for giving me the opportunity to serve as your County Clerk. Historically, these records have been accessed at the OC Survey public assistance counter in downtown Santa Ana.

The website offers access to images of more than five million federal land title records issued since Please note ARC no longer processes special query requests. The AcreValue New Mexico plat map, sourced from New Mexico tax assessors, indicates the property boundaries for each parcel of land, with information about the landowner, the parcel number, and the total acres.

During that time, land grants were issued to settlers in the area. AcreValue helps you locate parcels, property lines, and ownership information for land online, eliminating the need for plat books. This service is available to solicitors, property developers and anyone else interested in the ownership of land in Scotland.

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Begin your search Land Records Management Section assists local governments in establishing standards for the indexing and electronic access and storage of vital land records involved in real property transactions. Ownership of property can be traced back to the early s in the records maintained by the Recording Division. Enter either the last name or first name s of the owner e. Planned updates to Iowa Land Records systems were completed successfully during the weekend of Friday, October 4, Land and land improvements are considered real property while mobile property is classified as personal property.

These documents are unofficial copies but can be used for verification, personal or professional records, documentation backup, or any other use. Please Note: Any changes, such as ownership transfer that occur after the Tax List is certified will not be reflected on this file. Some recorder's offices may even have these records online for you to search, especially if the property is in a major metropolitan area.

Click the 'Pay Taxes' button to add them to the cart. A statement of delinquent taxes with interest and penalty for the current month is available on line under 8 Recent Taxes--a line says "View Statement" Click on View for Statement copy. Some towns and counties don't have online access, so you may need to go to the county assessor or county recorder's office during regular hours.

Land Survey Corner Records. Search Land Records - We are experiencing technical difficulties with redaction of personal information on our County Clerk Land Records search page. Users of this data are hereby notified that the aforementioned public information sources should be consulted for verification of the information. We own property throughout the Bedford Borough district which is all held and published as a publicly accessible record.

Massachusets Access property records, Access real properties The Middlesex South Registry of Deeds is opening for normal business hours today at its location of Cambridge St in Cambridge. The Erie County Clerk is the official registrar of deeds, mortgages, assignments of mortgages, satisfactions of mortgages, judgments and liens.

Public and Private Land Ownership Maps. Learn who owns any home with all available owner records included in every property report. To qualify for property tax relief, you must file a claim with the Butte County Assessor within 12 months from the date of damage or destruction, whichever is later. Public Records.

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There are additional land records, including surveys of navigable rivers, and school land documentation, in the records of the State Auditor's Office. Register of Deeds Records All Iredell land records from December to present day are available on our online database. These records were transferred to the Illinois State Archives for permanent retention in Property and land holding records in Ireland are more important than they might otherwise be because of the absence of 19th century census records.

With one click button, you will come to know information about the land owner. The County Surveyor maintains thousands of land and survey-related records within Orange County. You will need the parcel number to access these records. Search Tax Records. Improvements click to expand contents. View GIS maps that compile agricultural data, including farmland values, soil productivity ratings, crop mix, and parcel ownership information.

To see whether an individual or organization acquired ownership of a parcel of land, check the Indexes to Land Patents in Series RG arranged by township, and RG arranged by surname, Beckham County is a county located on the western border of the U. The Land Records database contains over , entries from French and Spanish land concessions, federal land sales and state issued patents.

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For assistance with extensive land records research, we recommend hiring a local title company or an attorney familiar with land records. As of the census, the population was 22, In most cases, original documents are returned to the land owner. They can be separated into two groups: those created by a government granting land to a single person or group, and those created to document a sale or transfer of land between two or more private parties.

These are not the official records of the Assessor's Office. If you require assistance searching for a document please call the office at option 3. Property ownership is public record, accessible to anyone who wants information on a parcel. This will return street names that match the truncated search.

The Recording Process To perform a specific search on a street name, enter the complete name. This site was created in order to assist the public with locating information about property within Ada County. The recorder of deeds is responsible for maintaining public records of all land ownership and transfers. You can search and view a wide variety of records, including court, land, maps, naturalization, notary public, judgments, and many others. All fields are not required. The records are indexed by name and in order of time filed. Home Page Instructions Report a Problem. Arranged by numbered section, township, and range legal description of the land.

Enter at least the Frontage number or street name to begin searching. You may view land records including deeds going back to and mortgages recorded as far back as Land Records - County Assessor.

Clerks are available to assist you with a particular document. There may be a delay between when a document is recorded with the County and when the tax assessment database reflects this record. Number, Direction. Ownership data is frequently updated, and to ensure accuracy the property ownership records are aggregated from multiple sources: Disclaimer.

Search for land records filed in the Town Clerk's Office from to present. Welcome to Wayne County land records internet search. Records on this site include state status plats, BLM master title plats, approved state and federal surveys and miscellaneous documents used to research state land record ownership, designation and land use.

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See the links to the left under "Property Owners" for pertinent information for Shasta County property owners. Maps of Surveys which are not subdivisions. Subdivision records such as plats, subdivision permits, and covenants. Maine Access property records, Access real properties.

The National Archives has records of titles to land which were enrolled at the central law courts. Using LRS the public can search among the thousands of land records on file at the Recorder's Office. Each of these departments as well as the City of Beloit and City of Janesville have participating members on the Land Records committee. Platbooks and Land Ownership Maps Plat books make use of the Public Land Survey System to represent land ownership patterns on a county-by-county basis.

Click the Search Land Status button. It must be signed and notarized.

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The property lines are determined by examining detailed property descriptions on deeds and by using surveys created by a licensed surveyor but are not conclusive evidence of property ownership in any court of law. The Register of Deeds office provides a standardized, permanent record of real estate ownership and transfers in Union County. Select one or more counties in which to search for a document.

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  • The user expressly agrees that use of the Marquette County's web site is at the user's sole risk. Government of the Punjab started computerization of Land Records with overall objectives to improve service delivery and to enhance the perceived level of tenure security.

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    State law requires our office to index documents by the names of the parties involved. When a property transfers ownership from one entity to another, the recording of that transaction is done in this office. In most counties, the recorder's office is located in the county courthouse. Use the menu above to get started with your search. The records in this database were transferred to the Illinois State Archives and detail the sale of over 54, square miles of public land.

    Manage an accurate inventory of real property, describe who owns the land, analyze land value and associated improvements, and maximize tax property Disclaimer for Assessor Records This public information is furnished by the Eddy County Assessor's Office. This application provides access to CSLB land ownership, lease, special management area and right-of-way information.

    Maine LandRecords. Click the images below to leave the Tax Commission's GIS Services site and visit counties' parcel map websites in a new window. The tax assessor has records of where and to whom property tax bills are sent. Federal government websites always use a. In the simplest definition, property deeds are legal instruments that are used in the demonstration of who the legal owner of a piece of property is.

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    Mortgages, financing statements, liens, attachments, releases of mortgages, and other related documents are filed with the Land Records. New London's Land Records date back to the mid 's and are full of rich history from early in life in the town. To build and maintain Geographic Information System GIS capability within the Department of Lands, plat accurate land ownership information for state owned land Idaho Code ; maintain activity records for land administered by the department; provide expertise and service in fields of GIS, spatial analysis, cartography, remote sensing and aerial photography or other similar About Assessor and Property Tax Records in California Real and personal property tax records in California are maintained by the County Assessor in each county.

    Land records have been kept for centuries, and are often available when other record types are not. Why Use Land Records: Land records provide two types of important evidence for the genealogist. The information on this site is not intended to indicate the quality of title or priority of interest in any property, and you are advised not to rely on it for that purpose. Soon after, on December 18, a Land Information Officer was appointed to oversee the county land records modernization program.