My yahoo mail search the web

I just emailed to let them know the problem is not fully fixed.

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It's quite frustrating. Mine started working again shortly after my email to you with no correspondence to or from yahoo directly. It does seem like scrolling through my mail folders is much slower now and that it crashes or doesn't load messages as quickly more often. Not sure if it's related. Thanks for all your help. After it was escalated to the 2nd tier they knew what to do. However it took about two days to resolve and they seem to be know that this is a common or widespread problem.


Also, when they moved my mailbox, I got a ton of "old" emails that my Blackberry thought was undelivered. Yes - they actually got back to me within 48 hours Pearl in customer care and rebuilt my mailbox the following day. Seems to work OK now.

How to whitelist an email address with Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail

I did indeed hear from them. They were able to correct my problem. I even mentioned the urgency of getting the search function back since I was getting married in a few days and the people at yahoo wished me a happy marriage. So, if other people are having problems of not getting through to yahoo, maybe mention you're about to be married??

After responding to the questions, I never heard back. It's fairly amusing although frustrating -- how hard is it to understand that the search doesn't work or return any search results? So many other people have this problem, you think there would be at least a response from the company. I guess, you can only complain so much about a free service-- but it's one of the only reasons I come back to Yahoo the other would be Yahoo Finance.

The absurdity of a company built on search not being able to have a functioning tech search in its email is comical. Still not working. Customer service is AWOL.

Tricks for searching your Yahoo Mail inbox

If you write about it, maybe that will put their feet to the fire. Please help. I have not heard back and they haven't fixed the issue. Getting frustrated. Time to switch to Gmail? Final score: Yahoo appears to be working through the search issues overall, but there are a few disgruntled users. The real fix would be finding the root cause of the bug and proactively fixing accounts. Salesforce launches Salesforce CMS to meld content, data across screens, enterprises. Business walks fine line between communicating with consumers and annoying them.

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Exclusive: Yahoo secretly scanned customer emails for U.S. intelligence - sources

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How to whitelist an email address with Gmail

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Follow up: Yahoo Mail's search bug and customer service | ZDNet

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