Mobile cellular look-alike glass-mount scanner antenna

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Commercial Equipment. Video Surveillance. Shop by Brand. Shop by Category. About Solid Signal. E-mail Preferences. Another choice might be an outside magnetic mount antenna. If you have a more professional need for a mobile antenna then we have several trunk-lip or hole mount antennas to choose from.

These require installation by either a professional installer or someone who knows how to drill holes in a vehicle and route wires. For reception in a home, office or other building the biggest advantage is elevation.

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  • 1. RadioShack Mobile “Cellular Look-Alike” Glass-Mount Scanner Antenna?

The higher you go the better your reception in most cases. The best place for an antenna is the roof, preferably at the highest point.

Flipboard: RadioShack Mobile "Cellular Look-Alike" Glass-Mount Scanner Antenna

The next best is in an attic. Remember that any exterior antenna requires proper grounding and lightening protection! If you cannot install an antenna on the roof or in the attic then consider one of our inside antennas. These can be placed in a corner near an outside wall or window or even on a balcony. If you have a window air conditioner then maybe a magnet mount mobile antenna will work for you. Live in a high-rise? Try one of the inside mobile window mount antennas. When buying a base station antenna to mount outside remember that some do not include coax and other necessities.

Make sure you also account for the connectors, if your scanner has a BNC make sure you have the proper connector or adaptor. Antenna Connectors. Having a hard time receiving trunked and digital and MHz systems? This antenna can be used for temporary field use or permanent installations. Flexible helical elements are used to provide an effective but compact ground plane. The center fitting has a metal body to carry the radials and a moulded insulator for the radiator. The whip element is plastic coated for weather proofing and durability. A great find.

Have you been putting off installing a roof top antenna for your scanner? What antenna should you pick? When selecting you should keep the following in mind: What type of communication systems are you monitor?

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So many options available from non-penetrating, tripod, and wall mount. The higher the better, be sure you clearing anything that would block signals such as chimes. Coax Cable Your antenna performance depends on great coax cable! We carry LMR Coax cable which is a high-end low signal loss coax. When planning out your coax routes, be sure you have a little extra, but not too much.

Shorter runs are always best. Keep this in mind: the old carpenter rule of thumb, measure twice, cut once! Will you have multiple listening locations? Depending on how many listening locations you have in mind, you will need a 4 Port or 8 Port Multicoupler.

PCTEL APR153 VHF Glass Mount Antenna 150-174MHz w/15' Cable & PL-259 Connector

This should be placed somewhere in a central location in your home or office. I would recommend running LMR Coax cable no more than feet from the antenna to the Multicoupler. Both of the multicouplers have a built in pre-amp to cut down on signal loss going to the monitoring locations.

Installing the antenna If your pretty handy this can be something you can do on your own, with help from a friend.

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Just following instructions provided with the antenna. If heights are not you thing I would recommend hiring help. Scanner Master is your one stop shop for your entire base scanner antenna needs — from antennas to coax to mounting gear! Quick Links:. Not sure? This allows a 'hidden' antenna - does it work??? BTW 2: What's with the fcc license which allows a scanner to be used in a car? See a series of comments further up the Board. Thanks for the advice! Daniel in NY. You'd need to investigate state laws on scanners in vehicles - I have some questions on legality but it's not an issue in California and since I have an amateur license unlikely to become one any time soon either.

Some states are much tighter about it than others. But with a ham ticket, it's all basically federally pre-empted. But you need an amateur license to get the coverage - a google search on amateur radio license should turn up plenty. As with the sedan, you can choose to punch holes in the metal, feed things through weather stripping or try a glass mount. Never having tried glass mounts, can't tell how well they'd work. Mag mounts give you some flexibility to move it around.

Station wagons aren't as high as a pickup but you may still have some interference in parking garages.

Glass Mobile Antenna

You still get into trying to find coverage of the bands you'd like, and different length antennas - quarter waves or longer depending on cut and loading usually coils on the antenna base or part way up, etc. The "gain" antennas - give a stronger signal but are usually longer - the physical banging around happens more: trees, garages, etc. One thing to consider is that moving an antenna around or slipping the cable through doors can kink or distort the cable.