How to loose friends and alienate people sound track

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There is cringe-inducing vulgarity aplenty here. But it is also pacey, warm, witty and occasionally poignant.

There is a lot of physical comedy, in other words. Amidst all the screwball stuff, there are some fabulously funny moments. Still, the film does mature in the second half, particularly in the scenes where Sidney has to face his disappointed father Bill Paterson.

How to Lose Friends Arguing Over a Movie Soundtrack

This is a fun movie. It's silly but mostly entertaining, and Pegg's open, expressive face is always funny. Perhaps without entirely realising it, the movie provides a through-the-looking-glass satirical version of Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada. There are broad comedy moments and some horribly real moments of socio-professional embarrassment. Enjoyable, in its neurotic fashion.

The fearless actor Simon Pegg is a scream as Sidney Young, playing quite a different role than his starring one in Shaun of the Dead. Dunst is delicate but steely, and her comedic timing, under the deft direction of Robert B. Weide Curb Your Enthusiasm , is spot on. Great supporting work, too, by editor Jeff Bridges, whose enthrallment to the power elite, and silver mane, channel Graydon Carter; by Gillian Anderson, as a take-no-prisoners publicist; and by Megan Fox, a starlet cast as a bosom-heaving Mother Teresa.

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

Sidney, and the film, will win you over, with a lot of laughter along the way. No, really. Somehow, Pegg pulls it off. The film really picks up, with a smattering of brilliant one-liners, a measured use of slapstick, excellent set-pieces, and some excellent performances. Director Robert Weide strikes a decent balance between laugh-out-loud moments and surprisingly sweet scenes, such as Sidney and Alison dancing to the La Dolce Vita soundtrack.

Pegg is the ideal choice to play Sidney, as his likeable, everyman persona ensures that he remains sympathetic, even when he's at his most irritating.

How to lose friends and alienate people | Teaser Trailer

Similarly, the drop-dead gorgeous Fox is perfectly cast as starlet du jour Maes her swimming pool scene is an instant classic , while Dunst gives her most likeable performance since the first Spider-Man movie and there's strong comic support from Bridges, Huston and Anderson. A heavyweight cast help the Peggster keep the gags coming thick and fast.

This is popcorn entertainment at its most amenable — The Devil Wears Prada for boys. Its script zings with good one-liners. This hilarious, coarse comedy left me laughing noisily and often. The spry script splendidly spoofs celebs and their rarified lives of self-adoration.