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Explore the Italy research page to find records of births, marriages, deaths, Catholic Church records, censuses, military conscriptions, and more. You will need to know your family's ancestral town to search many of these records, as only some collections are indexed and searchable by name. If you are not yet ready to research Italian records, FamilySearch also provides access to a range of United States records, including censuses, passenger lists, vital records indexes, and many others.

This collection is an index of over , passengers to the U. A group of Italians in the railroad waiting room, Ellis Island, Records may include each passenger's name, age, town of last residence, destination, sex, occupation, literacy, and country of origin, among other details.

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The Portale Antenati The Ancestors Portal offers access to records held in State Archives throughout Italy, including civil registration documents and military records. Comuni-Italiani provides information and statistics on Italy's regions, provinces, and municipalities, and is a useful tool for locating Town Archives throughout Italy. Because Italian towns and parishes created nearly all genealogically useful records, your research will most likely lead you to the Town Vital Records Office for the community where your ancestors lived.

An Italian family en route to Ellis Island. Use Comuni-Italiani to find the contact information of municipal offices throughout Italy. This resource provides a list of all towns in each province, and may assist you in locating ancestral towns for your family. Church records can be immensely helpful in your Italian genealogy research.

Unlike civil records, church records were recorded systematically and uninterruptedly since the s. The parish search engine, Parrocchie. For strategies on beginning family history research, attend the Genealogy Essentials: Getting Started class or stop by the Milstein Division to get started. Contact history nypl. Submitted by Ian Marlet not verified on August 18, - am. Submitted by Inez Thomson not verified on April 14, - pm.

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