Ford engine id by vin number

Examples for your Ford may be as follows:. Position four of the Ford VIN identifies the security systems incorporated in your vehicle. A - reel seat belts and air bags for the driver; conventional belts for passenger B - automatic belt C - automatic safety belts and air bags for driver D - automatic belts on front L - automatic belts and airbags for the driver and passengers P - conventional belts front R - conventional belts, front airbag for the driver S - conventional belts, front airbags for driver and passenger.

Position five through seven of the Ford VIN identifies the model designation of the vehicle.

How to Decode a Ford VIN?

The first position is held by a character is occupied by a character that identifies the line model, the second identifies the series and the third identifies the execution of the vehicle. The descriptions are as indicated below:.

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Position 8 of the VIN identifies the engine type of the Ford vehicle. The tenth position of the Ford VIN identifies the production year of the car model in question. This position is held by a character that specifies the assembly plant of your Ford vehicle. The plants may be as follows:. This consist of a sequence of six numbers that are not standardized.

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The serial number is selected to the preference of the vehicle manufacturer. These numbers can identify the exact vehicle being looked up. The Ford VIN can be located in the following areas of the vehicle:. Alternative name:. No, but you can usually find it on a sticker affixed in the glove box, your owner's manual or a sticker on the trunk lid. If you can't find any of those, a good quality scan tool can retrieve it for you.

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Model A Ford Garage ~ Model A & B Ford Engine Serial (VIN) Numbers

Consult your owner's manual or authorized factory manuals when performing repair procedures. In other words, passenger car totals must be combined with truck and commercial vehicles to arrive at total usage of the engine production numbers shown. The letter G or H in the prefix indicates the six cylinder engine. They have been shown here to help identify the general starting number.

Ford Manufacture Dates

For instance, the first Mercury would have a "" stamped as its serial number rather than as shown above. They started new serial numbers for the new engine. According to the Early Ford V8 Club Ford reference book, Ford held up production of the 60hp engine for awhile due to overstock. They stopped building the engine at , on December 23, and did not resume production until April 20, with , No data for trucks and commercial vehicles with 60hp V8's is given, so the total number for is unknown.

This conflicts with the "first" number listed above a difference of 3, units.

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The change occurred with ,, on November 24, This does not include additional totals of 60hp engines used in trucks and commercial vehicles. Refer to the decoding chart. Lowest number used with prefixes for V-8 passenger car engines is A Due to inventory of engines at various assembly plants, some models will have higher numbers than the above. However, the prefix changes will definitely identify the models from the models. For Data Plate decode information, click here. Other: From through vehicles, Ford Motor Company stamped the serial number into the top of the driver's side frame rail in three locations.

This same number was also stamped into the top of the transmission-to-engine housing portion of the transmission. This location was visible when the floorboard and transmission cover plate were removed click here for a picture example. Of the frame-stamped serial numbers, only the forward-most stamping was visible when looking down into the engine compartment located between the front crossmember and the dash firewall.

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The two other frame locations are visible only when the body is removed from the frame. The number including the prefixes shown was always preceded by and followed by a stamped "star" similar to an asterisk.

How to Obtain a Car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

It is believed that this was done to prevent someone from fraudulently adding a digit to the beginning or ending of a serial number in order to alter its identification. The subject covers the use of the correct stamps when reconditioned cylinder assemblies are stamped by dealers.

How to Identify a Ford Motor

The bulletin goes on to say that the dealers should use the K. Wilson number AB stamp set. The K. Wilson tool catalog shows the AB stamp set of 11 stamps numbers 0 thru 9 plus the "star".