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We only accept faxed request for this purpose. I need to have my medical records sent to Social Security: There is no charge for providing your records to Social Security Administration for disability claims.

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You will need to complete a written Authorization Form and provide the social security disability claims letter from Social Security Administration indicating you are applying for Social Security Benefits. If applicable, a postage fee will be applied. Fees are set by the State of Texas and are revised annually.

Your record will only contain the radiology report. The actual radiology images are not part of your medical record. You will need to contact Houston Methodist Radiology Services at Your medical records do not contain billing statements. Our Patient Financial Services Department can provide you with this information at You will need to request the birth certificate from the City of Houston's Health Department. Birth Certificate Request Demo Video

The document you received after the birth of your baby named Verification of Birth Facts is used to request a birth certificate from the Houston Health Department - Vital Records department. Complete the online form on the Vital Records website. You will need to request the death certificate from the City of Houston's Health Department.

The funeral home works in conjunction with the physician to complete the death certificate. The funeral home submits the death certificate information to the Houston Health Department - Vital Records department.

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Medical Records at Houston Methodist Hospital are maintained for 10 years. You will be contacted if your medical record request cannot be fulfilled due to expiration of the retention period.

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Medical Records - Texas Medical Center. Toggle navigation Navigation. The Health Information Management Department at Houston Methodist Hospital is dedicated to maintaining your medical records and keeping your health information private and secure in accordance with federal and state regulations. Your health information — connected, coordinated and convenient.

Houston Methodist MyChart is part of a system-wide electronic health record system available at all Houston Methodist facilities. This system provides a more efficient patient experience, and ultimately help achieve better health outcomes. Frequently Asked Questions Who owns my medical records? Who may request medical records? How can I obtain a copy of my medical record?

What are the fees charged for obtaining a copy of my medical record? We live in Texas. Your help is much appreciated!!! Jonbdj the website says 6 wks on the birth cert. Anyone know of faster method and what the processing time would be? As previously posted, if you paid for expedited service no brainer at this late date , you SHOULD be getting it in time They are very fast, especially if you pay to expedite. Oh, and if you paid to expedite your PP, you should get it back in time. When they mail it back, it comes separate from your BC. You will get your PP first and the BC will come in a different envelope about a week later.

You only need the PP if you don't have your BC, not both. I am a CA based family law attorney. Even I have trouble getting birth certificates for clients. Unfortunately there is no fast way to obtain a birth certificate here in CA. Our privacy laws here are so tight that when I went to get a copy of my nephew's birth certificate for him and we share the same last name they would not give it to me even though I showed them my bar card and told them of his active duty military status overseas.

FYI if you paid for the expedited passport service that should work in less than two weeks. It did for me in when I lost my passport and had to go to germany. I agree with others and say try vitalchek.

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Received one in a few days through them and it wasn't even expedited service. You should be able to check the status of your passports on line. We expediated and it was like 2 weeks. Good luck, I have a feeling it will all work out :. Once when I used vitalcheck, it took forever. I think it epends on the state you are dealing with.

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California law defines individuals who can obtain an authorized copy of a birth or death certificate as:. I used Vitalchek to get my son's and it took about a week. We are in Texas and he was born in Los Angeles. You don't need the original or certified copy in order to board the ship. A regular legible black and white copy of the birth certificate will do along with a government issued photo ID for closed loop cruises. If your husband has immediate family living in LA, they can obtain a copy for him and fed ex it to you.

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Followed the other steps and went to the window to pay the fee and within a minute her birth certificate printed and the lady at the window handed it to me. I then was able to mail it to my sister. I used VitalChek also to get my Birth Certificate from California and it only took days- it was very fast and efficient. Not, not, not true.

A copy you made yourself will not get you onboard.

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A legible "xerox" copy you made yourself of an "original" or "certified copy" of a birth certificate issued by the city, county, or state in which the individual was born does indeed work for closed loop cruises. In fact, in cases where someone forgets their birth certificate at home, a copy faxed to the port by relatives back home is accepted.

This may have worked for others in the past I would not want to risk the official looking at my document say it is not acceptable. I would at least get an official certified copy of your BC I am not recommending or advocating the use of a copied birth certificate.

I am merely letting others know that this will work still in if that's all they have government issued photo ID such as Drivers License is needed as well when using a birth certificate, of course. I'd hate to see someone stay home and miss their cruise because they only had a "xerox" copy of their original, valid birth certificate and thought that wouldn't work. For cruises that begin and end in the same U. Proof of Identification I. D : A non-expired government-issued photo I.

D is required of all guests 16 years of age and older. Birth Certificate Information. If the guest has laminated their birth certificate, it is acceptable. Photo Identification. A non-expired Government-Issued Photo I. The following are acceptable:.