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Sign In. This list is made by each inmate, not jail staff. Picture identification is required. This identification must show the visitor's date of birth.

Inmates will be permitted one 30 minute visit per week. Each visit will consist of no more than 4 visitors per inmate and visitors should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled visit time. Electronic deposits to inmate accounts can be completed on-line by visiting www. Choose "Ohio" and "Miami County" and then simply follow the prompts to deposit money. No personal checks or payroll checks will be accepted or deposited in any inmate's account.

Visitation hours including holidays are: Sunday through Thursday p. Food Service.


All 4 inmates who escaped from Gallia County Jail in Ohio captured

The jail kitchen is managed by Aramark, a private food service contractor. All prisoner meals are prepared on site in the jail kitchen. Prisoners are provided nutritious meals three times a day. The kitchen uses a five week menu cycle that is certified by a licensed nutritionist.

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Each month the kitchen staff prepares thousands of meals. Health Care. Medical services for prisoners at the jail operate under the medical license and supervision of a certified licensed physician. Assisting the jail physician with the medical care are three full time nurses.


All prisoners have access to emergency medical care. Prisoners who need emergency medical treatment are transported by squad to the Fairfield Medical Center. Prisoners experiencing a non-emergency medical problem that want to see the medical staff are required to fill out a sick call form before seeing the jail physician.

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The jail physician holds sick call for prisoners each week. Medications are distributed to the prisoners each day by jail staff at regularly scheduled times.

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All medications brought to the jail by family members or friends of prisoners and medications received from prisoners during their booking-intake process are screened by the jail medical staff prior to being distributed to a prisoner. Jail Technologies. Fingerprint Machine The jail uses digital technology to fingerprint prisoners. This technology allows identification of persons in one-tenth the amount of time that was required by the old manual fingerprinting methods. Video Arraignments In cooperation and coordination with both the Municipal and Common Pleas Courts, the jail staff conducts video arraignments for misdemeanor cases and felony cases, Monday through Friday.

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The use of video arraignments is a valuable tool which saves both time and money and greatly reduces the security and safety risks involved in transporting prisoners out of the jail to their court arraignments. The normal hours of operation for the Hall of Justice are am - pm on Mondays and Thursdays and am - 5 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


All persons entering the Hall of Justice are required to remove objects from their pockets and walk through a metal detector. All packages and carry-type bags are sent through an x-ray machine. The security checks are required to maintain the safety and welfare of all who enter these buildings.

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The Court Security Detail also maintains a roving patrol at irregular intervals through these buildings. Educational Classes Educational classes are held on Monday and Wednesday each week for prisoners. The classes are free of charge to most prisoners staying at the facility. Further, Books to Prisoners revealed that Annette M.

This policy directly impacts those in prison on a financial level.


Worse, it directly impacts their abilities to educate themselves and reduce the chances of recidivism. To stop this policy, Books to Prisoners has set up a sample script and included people to contact in Ohio at the state level. Details are in the image and transcribed below. The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections is changing its policies. They are considering putting an end to access to free, used books for prisoners across the state.